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Using the Chronic Care Model in Your Thesis, Academic Research, or Other Work

Research citations
For citations concerning the evolution of the Chronic Care Model, please reference this journal article:

Using the  Chronic Care Model image in your work
The ICIC team has always encouraged non-commercial use of the materials and resources developed for the Improving Chronic Illness Care initiative and will to continue to do so.

Reprint permission is required for all use of the Chronic Care Model (CCM) image: non-profit, educational or commercial**.  This includes publications, posters, presentations, curriculum materials (print, online or other media), websites, white papers and journal articles (print and online).  Regardless of the intended audience (educational, non-profit, for-profit health care system or other commercial entity), reprint permission is needed for all use of the CCM image.

The copyright holder of the Chronic Care Model image is the American College of Physicians (ACP), which publishes the Annals of Internal Medicine journal.  To use the CCM image in your work, you must secure permission from the Copyright Clearance Center.

Submitting the Copyright Clearance Center permissions form
The Copyright Clearance Center requires search by journal name or ISBN/ISSN.  The Chronic Care Model image doesn't have an ISBN/ISSN so you must first search by the name of the publication in which it was published.  Look for the "GET PERMISSIONS" search box on the Copyright Clearance Center website homepage top right.

The first search term to enter in the "GET PERMISSIONS" search box is "Effective clinical practice : ECP".  Click "GO".  Next you will have two options to choose from: the e-Journal and the Journal.  Select the Journal.  In that option, click the blue "Pay-Per-Use Options" tab.  The next screen will show this prompt:  "Please enter the publication year of the work you want to use". Enter 1998.  Select permission type on the following pages.  For questions about their online form or which permission type to choose, please contact the Copyright Clearance Center directly.  They offer live help on their website.

All usage of the CCM image requires that you obtain copyright permission.  ICIC regrets being unable to assist authors in securing copyright permission for use of the Chronic Care Model.  Please note that ACP is no longer handling copyright clearance requests.

ACP does not charge for use of the CCM in a thesis, dissertation, or most non-commercial work, but users must secure the $0 dollar permission through the CCC.  This is a straightforward online process that generally takes a day or two.

Republishing the Chronic Care Model image
After you have obtained copyright permission from the Copyright Clearance Center, please ensure that the image you are using contains the following:

  • author attribution
  • the copyright notice
  • acknowledgement of reprint permission

Here is our preferred format for including this information:  "Developed by The MacColl Institute, © ACP-ASIM Journals and Books, reprinted with permission from ACP-ASIM Journals and Books."

Author attribution is not a substitute for copyright permission. 

Help with copyright permission for using the Chronic Care Model image
Contact the Copyright Clearance Center directly.  They offer live help on their website.

Copyright Compliance information
With the exception of the Chronic Care Model image (as explained above), ICIC's work is publicly available, free of cost, and protected by copyright law.  Read more about copyright permission from the Copyright Clearance Center.

** For information about commercial use of the Chronic Care Model, please contact the MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation.