Using the PACIC in Your Work

Individuals interested in using the PACIC in non-commercial quality improvement work or research are free to do so. No permission is needed for such personal or non-commercial use.

NOTE:  The PACIC is a validated instrument, indicating that the wording or content of the questions cannot be changed or altered in any way.

The citation for the validation paper:

Glasgow RE, Wagner EH, Schaefer J, Mahoney LD,  Reid RJ, Greene SM. Development and Validation of the Patient Assessment of Chronic Illness Care (PACIC). Med Care  2005; 43(5):436-44. [Link]

Please ensure that authorship is attributed to The MacColl Center as follows, and that it appears prominently on each page of the instrument:  "Copyright 2004 The MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation, Group Health Cooperative".

Commercial use of the PACIC requires a written license from Group Health Cooperative.

If you are planning to translate the PACIC, please let us know.  Original authorship must be attributed to The MacColl Center on each page of the instrument:  "Copyright 2004 The MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation, Group Health Cooperative".  In addition, because the PACIC is a validated tool,  translated versions of the PACIC must be re-named to reflect that it is a new instrument.

We also ask that users be willing to share results and feedback about the instrument with us so that we can continually update our work and improve the instrument. If you are interested in translating the PACIC into a non-English language, or if you need written documentation from us verifying permission to use the PACIC for non-commercial or personal use, please contact us.