ICIC is pleased to present a growing body of translated survey instruments from around the world.  Please know that ICIC is not involved in translation work - all survey translations have been graciously provided by outside authors.

The authors of these instruments have reported to us that they've followed the World Health Organization "Process of translation and adaptation of instruments", which includes forward translation, expert panel back-translation, pre-testing and cognitive interviewing before creating the final version.

Please check the accuracy and applicability of these documents before using them in your clinical practice or research.  Translations are derivative works, and cannot be represented as original.  A validated instrument cannot be translated and considered validated post-translation.  Spanish translations may need the addition of alternative terms to accommodate Spanish, Mexican, and South American populations.

Translation of the PACIC
Translations of the PACIC are derivative and may not be called the PACIC.  Additionally, the translation most likely cannot be considered a validated version of the original validated PACIC questionnaire.  Please reference the following article for more information:

  • Chest. 2009 Oct;136(4):1175-7. Dangers in using translated medical questionnaires: the importance of conceptual equivalence across languages and cultures in patient-reported outcome measures. Breugelmans R. PMID:19809062.

If you would like to contact the team behind one of these translated instruments, please write to us and we can put you in touch with the author(s).


Chinese ACIC translation 慢性病保健评估问卷
Chinese PACIC translation 慢性疾病照顾患者评估问卷
Danish PACIC translation 2013 (Patientvurdering af behandlingen ved kronisk sygdom 2013)
Danish PACIC translation 2013 User Guide (Til brugere af den danske udgave af PACIC 20-item)
Dutch ACIC translation (Kwaliteit Van Chronische Zorg)
Dutch PACIC translation-adaptation PAIEC (De zorg en begeleiding bij de gevolgen van het ouder worde
Finnish PACIC translation (Pitkäaikaissairauksien arviointi)
French 20-item PACIC translation (Evaluation des soins lors de maladies chroniques)
French 26-item PACIC translation (Evaluation des soins lors de maladies chroniques)
French Canadian (Quebec) PACIC translation: Évaluation des soins pour un problème chronique de santé
German ACIC translation (Erhebung der Versorgungsprozesse bei chronisch Kranken)
German ACIC 3.5 translation (Erhebung der Versorgungsprozesse bei chronisch Kranken) WORD
German PACIC translation (Fragebogen zur Patientenzufriedenheit mit der medizinischen Betreuung)
German PACIC translation (Fragebogen zur Patientenzufriedenheit mit der medizinischen Betreuung)WORD
Italian ACIC 3.5 translation
Italian PACIC translation (Valutazione dei percorsi assistenziali per le patologie croniche)
Japanese ACIC 3.5 translation (慢性疾患ケア評価シート)
Japanese PACIC translation
Korean ACIC translation (만성질환 관리 평가)
Korean 26-item PACIC translation (만성질환관리평가: 환자대상)
Korean 20-item PACIC translation (만성질환관리평가: 환자대상)
Portuguese ACIC 3.5 translation (Avaliação dos Cuidados de saúde na doença crónica)
Romanian ACIC translation (Evaluarea îngrijirii oferite în bolile cronice)
Spanish ACIC 3.5 translation (Evaluación de Cuidados Crónicos Cliente Interno)
Spanish ACIC translation instructions (Instrucciones para rellenar el cuestionario ACIC)
Spanish PACIC translation (Evaluación de Cuidados Crónicos para Pacientes)
Thai ACIC translation (แบบประเมินการดูแลผู้ป่วยเรื้อรัง)
Vietnamese PACIC translation (Thăm dò Ý kiến về Tình trạng Bệnh mãn tính)
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