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Taking Action on Overuse

Medical overuse is harming patients
Each year billions of dollars in health care expenditures are wasted, and hundreds of thousands of patients are harmed by their care.  Much of this is driven by medical overuse, like the ordering of unnecessary diagnostic tests, treatments, or hospitalizations. The Taking Action on Overuse Framework and Change Package offers strategies for health care organizations to engage their care teams in reducing low-value, unnecessary care and make those efforts last.

The Chronic Care Model was developed to help health care systems address gaps or missed opportunities to provide effective services to those in most need of care.  In 2016 the MacColl Center developed a framework to address the flip side - overuse.  In both models, the aim is the right care at the right time to ensure healthier patients, and more satisfied providers and staff.

A framework for reducing unnecessary care
Health care organizatios often know what activities need to be reduced to address low-value care, but they need more information on how to engage care teams in this work.  Based on nearly two years of research, Taking Action on Overuse identifies evidence-based strategies for obtaining buy-in, motivating behavior change, and providing the support and infrastructure for providers to engage and lead their peers in making the changes that improve the value of health care.

Health care leaders, providers, and care teams now have a roadmap
A simple set of concepts and key changes within the Taking Action on Overuse Framework guides providers, leaders, and allied organizations in engaging and supporting health care teams in this work.  The Taking Action on Overuse Framework:

  • Can be applied to existing and new overuse reduction efforts in a variety of health care settings.
  • Offers an evidence-based set of change concepts and activities to reduce unnecessary care.
  • Can be paired with an assessment to help establish areas of the Framework on which your organization should focus.

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