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Our funding for updating this website ended in 2011, but the resources we developed are still helping clinical practices from around the world to transform the care they provide to better serve patients with chronic illness. Please visit our home page to learn more—or check out our more recent tools and resources at:


Resource Library

ICIC offers an archive of resources and teaching tools developed between 1998-2010 designed for leading and managing improvement efforts within a variety of settings.  While catalogued altogether here, each item is explained within context in its related section of our site.  For instance, if you're interested in the ACIC (here in "Survey Instruments"), please be sure to read more about its application on the ACIC page.

For more recent work and resources, please visit The MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation website.

Critical Tools
Clinicians involved in improvement efforts need tools to assist in changing care for their patients. This section contains a variety of tools designed to help implement changes in the six CCM elements.

Learning Materials
Includes 2010's "Health Literacy Universal Precautions Toolkit", the "Redesigning Chronic Illness Care" mini-course (from December 2007's 19th Annual National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care), the Group Health Center for Health Studies Readability Toolkit and associated materials, the PAC-PORT Self-Management Support Treatment Manual, and ICIC's Group Visit Starter Kit.

Breakthrough Series Collaboratives
Longstanding collaborator The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) helped us launch our earliest quality improvement initiatives, the three Chronic Illness Care Breakthrough Series (BTS).  Here you will find archived materials from the BTS efforts.

Survey Instruments
ACIC, PACIC, and variations of instruments including non-English translations and large-print.

* Note on non-English translations:  ICIC was not involved in translations of our work.  All translated materials on our website have been kindly provided by outside authors.  The authors of these instruments have reported to us that they've followed the World Health Organization "Process of translation and adaptation of instruments", which includes forward translation, expert panel back-translation, pre-testing and cognitive interviewing before creating the final version.  Please check the accuracy and applicability of these documents before using them in your clinical practice or research.  The Spanish translations were done in Spain, and may need the addition of alternative terms to accomodate Mexican and South American populations.

Steps for Improvement
Our first attempt to offer clinical teams a sequenced manual to assist them in practice improvement according to the Chronic Care Model.  Our perspective on this has evolved and has shifted a bit since this manual was created in 2004.

Publications from the World Health Organization, the U.K.'s National Health Service, The MacColl Center, and ICIC.

The Chronic Care Model Talk, The Planned Care series (now streamed online), "Tackling the Chronic Care Crisis" CD-ROM.

JPEGs of the Chronic Care Model, the Regional Framework Model, the World Health Organization Model, and the Expanded Model.  Also found here are high-resolution images of the CCM and six elements suitable for posters and print, and a PDF insert to include when duplicating the "Tackling the Chronic Care Crisis" CD-Rom.