Practice Change

The Chronic Care Model describes the necessary components for a delivery system that encourages and sustains productive interactions between patients and providers.  Since 1998, ICIC has interacted with hundreds of practice systems, large and small, as they worked to implement the Model.  We have learned that the hard work of clinical practice change requires more than just good intentions and a goal.  
Covering topics like selecting and using clinical information systems and working with team members to provide self-management support and guideline-based care, these practice change tools and instruments have proven useful to the teams with whom we've worked. 
Included on these pages are:  survey tools for both team members and patients, a manual that presents concrete steps for change ordered sequentially, a toolkit for implementing the Chronic Care Model in safety net practices, and an assortment of aids to help in the challenging but critical work of transforming your practice to deliver CCM-based care.