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Our funding for updating this website ended in 2011, but the resources we developed are still helping clinical practices from around the world to transform the care they provide to better serve patients with chronic illness. Please visit our home page to learn more—or check out our more recent tools and resources at:



The Planned Care Visit
Our Planned Care Visit video was designed as a practical aid for clinicians, demonstrating how health care teams implement innovations in care for people who live with chronic illness. 34 minutes in length, the presentation takes viewers on a planned care visit in a typical office setting. The first segment is seen through the eyes of a diabetic patient, with the subsequent two sections presented from a health provider's perspective. While a diabetes patient is featured, these elements of planned care can be applied to people who live with any chronic condition.

Based directly on ICIC's work, our video assumes viewers have a basic understanding of the CCM.  We've included a facilitator discussion guide and diagram of the Model, and have inserted subtitles highlighting key concepts throughout. Within each segment, the actual time elapsed for the patient/clinician interaction is noted.

You can now watch the Planned Care Visit series online.  Please know that we're no longer producing the VHS version.

To watch the series, you must have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed. You can find it here.

Chronic Care Model presentation

Toolkit for Academic Environments
The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality released "Toolkit for Implementing the Chronic Care Model in an Academic Environment" in May 2008 to help improve care for patients through implementation of the Chronic Care Model in academic health care settings.  This resource is designed to be adapted and used in teaching medical residents the essential components of the CCM, such as how to work in a team environment and improve care for patients with chronic illnesses.

The lessons learned by the Academic Chronic Care Collaborative participants provide a guide to others implementing the Model. Each section is self-contained and addresses the topics of engaging leadership, harnessing the academic culture, putting the CCM into practice and health professions education for chronic care.

Video:  Team meetings in a clinical environment
This ten-minute video, created by the California HealthCare Foundation and narrated by ICIC director Ed Wagner, provides tips on how to structure regular meetings and which staff to include to improve clinical team effectiveness and achieve continuous quality improvement in health care delivery. Sample documents are also available.

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