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Condition-Specific Literature

The condition-specific bibliographies represent a comprehensive compilation of peer-reviewed literature on chronic illness interventions which demonstrate concepts based on the Chronic Care Model. Because the Model utilizes concepts not easily described by existing medical subject headings (MeSH), in 2001 ICIC developed the bibliographies and supporting databases to coalesce the supporting evidence base for this model of care.

Each bibliography encompasses chronic illness interventions at the system, practice and patient levels, including, but not limited to, behavioral interventions. The databases that support the bibliography reflect evidence from 1990 to 2003 for each model element and conceptual area within that element. In order to maintain a manageable scope of evidence, we rarely included interventions pertaining solely to the specifics of clinical care - for example, drug trials or surgery - although particularly seminal articles on these topics may have been included.

In addition to articles relating to self-management support, the bibliography covers seven chronic conditions: arthritis; asthma; depression; diabetes; geriatric care; heart failure; and hypertension. Articles on other chronic conditions may be included because they describe effective interventions reflecting Model-based care.

Medline, PsychInfo and Healthstar databases from the National Library of Medicine and the Cochrane Collaborative database for the years 1990 to 2003 (in some cases, 2001) were sources for the citations. Search strategies using MeSH and keyword descriptors were developed for each element as well as each content area within the model elements. For instance, articles for self-management support, a Chronic Care Model element at the practice level, were derived from searches specific to four content areas of that practice level: patient role, effective interventions, comprehensive assessment and collaborative care planning, as well as self-management in general.

Please note that articles referencing clinicial guidelines do not reflect current standards.  For current clinical guidelines, please consult the National Guideline Clearinghouse (NGC), a public resource for evidence-based clinical practice guidelines. NGC is an initiative of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.