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ACIC Survey

The content of the ACIC was derived from specific evidence-based interventions for the six components of the Chronic Care Model (community resources, health organization, self-management support, delivery system design, decision support and clinical information systems). Like the Chronic Care Model, the ACIC addresses the basic elements for improving chronic illness care at the community, organization, practice and patient level.

Use of the ACIC In Research
Although the ACIC was developed as a practical tool to help teams improve care for chronic illness, it has also been implemented for research purposes (Wagner et al., 2001; Bonomi et al., 2002; Glasgow et al., 2001). Preliminary data indicate the ACIC is responsive to changes teams make in their systems and correlates well with other measures of productivity and system change. In fact, all six ACIC sub-scale scores increased significantly from baseline to follow-up for diabetes and congestive heart failure teams enrolled in a 14-month quality improvement collaborative (Wagner et al., 2001).