Our Approach

Practice Transformation Through the Chronic Care Model
Improving Chronic Illness Care is proud to have helped thousands of clinical practices transform the health care they provide to better serve patients with chronic illness. While the ICIC program officially ended in 2011, the MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation continues to build on the ideas initiated during that time. 

Reduce Medical Overuse with the Taking Action on Overuse Framework
Another way practices can better serve patients is by eliminating low-value care, such as unnecessary diagnostic tests, treatments or hospitalizations. Medical overuse drives up health care costs, and in some cases, actually harm patients.

With the Taking Action on Overuse Framework, the MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation took what we learned about patient-centered practice transformation from the Chronic Care Model and applied it to help health care organizations reduce medical overuse. 

Taking Action on Overuse is an evolving framework and change package for health care organizations to engage their care teams in reducing low-value, unnecessary care and make those efforts last. It identifies evidence-based strategies for obtaining buy-in, motivating behavior changes, and providing the necessary support and infrastructure for health care providers to engage and lead their peers in making the changes that improve the value of health care.

Frontline Management of Chronic Diseases Using Team-Based Care
The Primary Care Team Guide is a free online learning tool that supports practices to deliver true team-based care—a critical component of transforming into a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH). We developed its contents based upon the exemplary work of 31 high-performing US primary care practices that are successfully implementing a team-based approach. 

Primary care practices of all stages of development will find it useful: Over 250 resources, including job descriptions, flow sheets, and videos provide practices with new approaches and tools to help prepare for and deliver team-based care. 

Come to the Team Guide for a brief assessment, specific action steps for improving a range of common activities in primary care, and our latest thinking on how to best achieve the quadruple aim.